Determining how to dress for a Valentine’s Day date can be somewhat difficult if you’re feeling the pressure that comes with the imperative of looking absolutely perfect. The expectations associated with this particular day of the year are fairly significant, and throwing a date into the mix, be it dinner with your better half or a blind date, can subject women to a whole cascade of ‘what to wear’ questions.

The best date-night advice you can receive is showing off your own fashion persona and following your own style rules instead of trying to follow a ‘dress like this’ pattern that may result in a fashion disaster. Why risk feeling uncomfortable trying to adhere to others’ opinions of what they think you should be wearing? Go with your first instincts and pick effortless clothing pieces that won’t make you feel self-conscious, but sexy, cheerful and confident.

Whatever you may be planning to wear for your Valentine’s Day date, avoid ultra cutsey looks in the form of excess pink and red, and heart patterns. Those are a definite cliché and might pinpoint you as lacking creativity and personal style.

When it comes to dinner-dates, go for outfits that accentuate your femininity. Be seductive in a little dress or a curve-hugging skirt. Since you’re going to be sitting a lot, you may want to focus on the top of your attire by picking items with pretty details or an appealing cleavage.  Accessorize your look with a small bag or a clutch and put on those high heels!

If you’re going to a flirty candlelight dinner, wear the kind of clothes you feel the sexiest in. A fitted empire-waist dress makes for a great idea, but there are other options too. Pick garments that accentuate those parts of the body you feel most proud of.

For casual dates like a movie night or a stroll in the park, go for relaxed combos such as dark jeans or leggings paired with a pretty top. Wear heels, platforms or flats; whichever you feel most comfortable in, especially if you’re going to do some walking.  You shouldn’t spoil your Valentine’s Day date by having to abruptly end it because of aches and blisters.

As far as accessories are concerned, limit yourself to one statement jewelry or wear multiple delicate pieces. Don’t go overboard with your adornments, especially if your outfit has some embellishments of its own. Sometimes, a gemstone ring or some simple dangling earrings are all you need to complete your Valentine’s Day attire.

Your handbag should be different than your everyday bag. Steer clear from oversized and pick a nice clutch or a cute over-the-shoulder bag.

Remember to avoid the pink/red cliché. If you’re really determined to wear these hues, stick to smaller elements of color. For example, a little black dress accessorized by a pair of red heels makes for a very suitable Valentine’s combo.

A date marks the ideal moment to show your true fashion self. Stick with garments and accessories you feel confident in. This way, both you and your partner will be able to focus on having a blast!