Learning what kind of attire is adequate for the office can be a bit tricky, especially for those who are new on the job.  With more relaxed working environments come more casual outfit choices, yet while you have more options, forgoing certain wardrobe boundaries can eventually influence your attempts at making a positive first impression at work.

Old office staples include pant/skirt suits, monochromatic ensembles, black and white combinations, crisp shirts, closed-toed shoes with medium to high (not sky-high) heels, pantyhose etc.  Such wardrobe items continue to be favorites of many as they’re perceived as the embodiment of professional attire. Taking your office ensembles to the next level is oftentimes allowed, even encouraged in working environments where dressing tastefully and on trend is not a behavior that clashes with the company’s code of conduct.

If you’re just starting out in a new working environment, don’t wear anything too bold, too bright, or too short (ultra-sexy is a big no-no regardless of how relaxed your wardrobe boundaries may be). You can wear high heels, but save the stilettos for other occasions as you need heel types you can walk in without wobbling down the hallways. Working a full-time schedule is painful enough without you having to subject your feet to sheer high heel agony.

You should buy basic pieces that look neat and conservative enough to satisfy even the pickiest of superiors, and then mix them up with more ‘friendly’ pieces that would fulfill your hunger for great fashion.  But until you learn to blend in with the rest of the crowd, simply survey your environment and learn from what your co-workers are wearing. Take note of what the most successful peers are donning, and try to incorporate what you see into your own style.

As far as colors are concerned, grey, black or navy will always be popular, yet there are numerous other shades that can also look polished and serious-minded. Go for dark greens and blues, or pick light, powdery shades to assort them to conservative, neutral colors.

Oxblood red is the number one color this season, so you may want to pair that with greys and blacks for a professional, yet fashionable look. Navy is also really popular, and opting for a fitted dress in a great length can be a sexy and adequate look. Really bright hues aren’t office-friendly and can make others perceive you like you’re trying too hard to impress, so avoid neon hues and any other shade that hurt the eyes such as hot pink.

Working in a casual environment means you can embrace your fashion-loving side as long as you know how to edit your wardrobe to maintain a sense of conservativeness. Steer clear from statement-outfits (yet embrace bolder accessories), lingerie-inspired attire and gym-like looks. You can also sport a bit of cleavage, or wear skirts and dresses with hemlines above the knees, but maintain decency in mind whilst planning your outfit. Never show too much skin at work if you ever want to be taken seriously (or keep your job for that matter).

Figuring out what to wear when being interviewed for a job is half the battle of the interviewing process itself.  The first impression you make on the person conducting the job interview is extremely important, and that judgment is always based on your appearance. This is why it’s essential to come up with an outfit that will help you achieve a professional look, an image to be desired regardless of the company culture.

What is the proper way to dress for a job interview? There isn’t a straight answer to that, but there are enough tips and tricks to help you make a great first impression. In general, a person sporting a neat, authoritative attire is going to have much better prospects than a candidate dressed in jeans and a tee. Keep in mind you have a single chance to make a first impression, so do your best to send the right message. Show the interviewer you’re a serious, hard-working and dedicated candidate who has the ability to recognize the company’s requirements.

It’s always best to dress too conservative rather than too casually. Stick to professionally looking clothes in safe colors. For an inside tip, call the secretary or the receptionist working at the company you wish to work for and ask her to briefly tell you what the employees are wearing on the premises.

Another good idea would be to take into account the culture of the firm you are interviewing with, and plan your outfit accordingly. Why dress in a formal pantsuit you don’t feel comfortable in when the employees are all working in T-shirt and a jean combos? This is why wearing a suit is not always the best option. Dressing ultra-conservative will make you look out of place and will give a wrong vibe. Looking too stiff is not something you would want, and the same is true in the opposite case. An interviewer working for a company with formal dressing standards will not think highly of you if you show up dressed in sandals and a top with spaghetti straps. Keep a balance between too fancy or rigid and too casual. Your choice of outfit should be similar or slightly dressier than the regular work attire of the company you’re interviewing with.

When it comes to colors, go for the usual corporate hues like navy or black. Wear a skirt suit or a dress paired with a jacket to show a bit of femininity. Sport shoes with a comfortable medium to high heel and keep your jewelry to a minimum. Make sure your makeup is soft and your hairdo simple and neat. Go for a professional and elegant image that exudes confidence.

Avoid loud colors, sloppy clothing, baring too much skin or ultra-tight garments. Also, dress according to the season. A heavy tweed jacket in the middle of the summer would look plain odd. Check your outfit for wrinkles, scuffs, tears, holes or stains. An interview attire should be impeccable. Furthermore, leave your favorite handbag at home and accessorize your ensemble with a portfolio or an elegant briefcase.  And as far as seasonal trends are concerned, it’s best to let clothes make a statement some other time. Keep a low-profile if you’re a daring fashionista. You’re objective is to get the job, not score an A for being an envied trendsetter.

The holiday season makes for a great way to show off your latest festive wardrobe additions, but what happens when preparing for an upcoming holiday party isn’t as effortless as you thought it would be? Whether it’s a formal event, a casual gathering at a friend’s house or a fun cocktail bash, it’s obvious you want to look your best and in order to make the right impression, you should plan your outfit according to a few simple rules that will help you achieve the perfect holiday party attire.

One of the most important aspects to take into account before walking out the door is the dress code and who will be at the party. Is it a black tie event? A family reunion with lots of kids playing around? Will your superiors show up at the after-hour Christmas party? Always plan your outfit with these factors in mind and be ready to adjust your attire according to the nature of the event. If in doubt, it’s always best to maintain a formal vibe rather than break out in a sparkling neon mini-dress.

Another suggestion would be to ask around and find out what styles the others are planning to sport. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re asking yourself if you’re bearing too much skin, or if your outfit is too bold or decadent, it probably is. Oh, and always keep in mind the differences between “costume party” and “holiday attires”.

Evidently, it’s always a good idea to turn to a Little Black dress to wear at an upcoming party, yet now is the time to put your love for color on display and wear something fun and refreshing. Pick softer versions of your favorite hues, or pair bolder colored accessories with neutral garments.

Avoid wearing the red and green combo as these hues together will most probably fail to do you justice as far as skin tone is concerned, and they also represent an incredibly expected and unfortunate color mix. If you do like red or green, and they really complement your hair color and skin tone, pair one of these shades with neutrals or metallics to make sure your attire doesn’t end up looking costumey.

Speaking of metallics, when is the right time to don some sparkle if not for a holiday party? You can choose to wear shiny garments and accessories even for a formal event, as long as you can avoid getting carried away and picking items that would instantly make you resemble a Christmas decoration. For a more subtle kind of sparkle, go with a black blazer embellished with matte sequins, a neutral fabric with delicate metallic insertions, a jeweled clutch et cetera; anything that isn’t too statement-like is perfectly suitable for brightening you up.

When it comes to unrestrictive holiday parties, you can definitely go for all things shiny, colorful, bold and dramatic. After all, it’s that time of year so if you feel like wearing a gold dress accessorized by a fantastic pair of stilettos, go for it! Wear fashions you feel confident about and have fun! That’s what a holiday party is all about!

Help Dress Me for a Wedding

You’ve got the invitation.  It’s adorable.  You’ve RSVP’d for you and your +1.  You’ve browsed the gift registry.  Now it’s time for the important stuff.  What DO you wear to that wedding?  Is black still a faux pas?  What about white?  Are flip flops okay?  Here are some do’s and don’ts of guest attire:

Do dress for the occasion.

Formal weddings:

Tradition once dictated that formal weddings were held in the late afternoon or evening.  However, wedding etiquette has changed somewhat and this is no longer always the case.

For her

Yes, you can wear that little black dress.  While black was once a forbidden wedding color, these days it’s perfectly acceptable for formal weddings.  Be careful not to overdress, however.  It’s a wedding, not a prom.  While “formal” for teenagers typically means the shinier the fabric and the more sequins the better, for grownups it means dress nicely, but not as if you’re strolling down the red carpet at The Oscars.  Events that call for that type of clothing are usually labeled “Black Tie.”   Here are some great dresses to browse from!   We have found that Nordstrom has the best easiest picks, why?  Free shipping, free returns, cutting edge fashion.


For him

If the setting is formal, it’s time to push aside all of the business casual attire he’s got used to wearing, pull the suit out of the closet, and dust it off.  Don’t forget to remind him how seldom he gets to wear a tie these days, and how handsome he looks in one, as he complains while you tie it for him.

Casual Weddings

Casual weddings are a bit more relaxed and fun.  While this doesn’t mean that he can throw on his Levis and you can pull on a jersey dress and call it a day, casual is more flexible.  Again, while tradition has dictated in the past that casual weddings are held in the morning or early afternoon, this does not always hold true anymore.  Be sure to read the invitation carefully for instructions or cues about how to dress.

For Her

Women can wear a skirt and shirt/sweater or a dress.  Pant suits are also acceptable.  The white debate rages on.  Some say yes, it’s the 21st century after all.  Some say never.  We say, why not? Flip flops have become mainstream footwear and a lot of people wonder if they’re acceptable wedding attire.  For casual weddings, yes, particularly casual weddings on the beach where heels can be a pain.

For Him

Typically, for a casual wedding, men can wear khakis or slacks with a button up shirt, tie optional.

Themed Weddings

For Both Him and Her

Yes, you might feel stupid driving down the road in medieval attire, but consider that the theme is important enough to bride and groom that they decided to make it the backdrop of their special day.  Exception:  If the invitation says themed dress is optional, then it’s your call.

Now a few don’ts for us all…

Don’t show too much skin.  Whether the wedding is formal or casual, red light district attire is NEVER appropriate. Cover up a little.

Don’t be too flashy or try to outdress the bride and groom.  As much as we all like to look good, remember that you’re not the intended center of attention.

Don’t dress for the wrong occasion.  These are pretty much no brainers if you read the rest of this article.  Avoid black for a casual wedding, unless it’s in the winter.  Don’t wear flip flops to a formal wedding. Don’t wear white sundresses in the winter or ever to a formal wedding.  Don’t wear jeans…EVER!

If you’d like the assistance of a stylist in deciding your wedding attire, we’ll help dress you!


Some of the most important parties of the year are taking place on New Year’s Eve, and knowing how to dress accordingly will help you make the difference between a fashion marvel and a clothing mishap.

To make a wow-worthy entrance, find out the dress code associated with the party you’ll be attending. A masquerade ball, a prom night or a simple all-black outfit theme can be major deal breakers if you decide to show up in a completely different attire.

Some dress codes may not be voiced out (like in the case of family gatherings or casual parties with friends), yet you should still take into consideration the nature of the event and what the other guests are gonna be wearing, or you might end up looking over or underdressed.

New Year’s Eve is a time of joy and sparkle, so pick garments that are comfortable yet still interesting enough to make you look and feel special. Surely, you don’t want to end up struggling with a stubborn zipper all night, yet a monotonous sweater dress in a moody color is not a good option either; there are numerous things you can wear that look festive, fabulous and comfy enough to dance the night away without the slightest concern, so focus on steering clear from anything that might cause some wardrobe tension, be it an ultra-high heel or an annoying top whose straps don’t want to stay in place.

If you really wish to go glam on New Year’s Eve, pick garments embellished with rhinestones, sequins or metallic lamé. Luxurious fabrics like shiny velvet or satin, or metallic brocade can help you keep up with the glam of the event without looking too sparkly, but rather elegant and classy.

If you’re opting for simple garments in simple fabrics, make sure your accessories are adorned with plenty of details that would draw instant attention. Take your pick from items like bejeweled clutches, glittery high heel pumps, glitzy statement jewelry, eye-catching hair accessories and so on.

If your outfit abounds in memorable details, choose simple, delicate jewelry to keep everything clean. Having some interesting elements adorning your outfit is one thing; too much, and everyone will want to look away.

Great outfit ideas are the ones you feel most confident about. If you love body-con dresses, pick one in a loud color, in a shimmering material, with sparkling appliqués or with cut-outs. The same applies if you’re a jean kinda’ gal. If you can’t imagine yourself wearing anything different than jeans, pick a dark-hued pair that fits you perfectly and sex-it-up by completing your outfit with a shimmery silk blouse, a sequined halter neck top or an intricate lacy corset.

If you’re planning to stay up all night and move around a lot, save your sky-high pumps for some other time, and pick wedges or dressy ballet flats instead. You can also start your New Year’s Eve party wearing sexy heels and change into something more comfortable once you’ve started feeling the fatigue.

The beginning of a relationship is oftentimes marked with a first date.  Making a series of positive first impressions is essential and those are always closely connected to the way you’ve decided to dress for your big night.

Plan your attire based on where you’ll be going. Wear something classy and feminine for a romantic dinner. Your outfit choices may include your favorite skirt and a simple top, a form-fitting dress or a pretty blouse matched with dressy pants or leggings. If a movie is in your agenda for a first date, dress comfortably and make sure you pick something in a fabric that maintains its shape. A nice pair of jeans that fits you perfectly mixed with a lovely top is an adequate option, especially if you love effortless clothing combinations.

When asking yourself what to wear on your first date, think about what flatters you the most. Knowing you’re dressed in a way that accentuates your best assets will help you gain the confidence you need to capture his interest from the very first moments of your date.

Make sure your garments are the right shape and size for your silhouette. Proper fit is crucial, not only to feel comfortable in your clothes, but also to look good on you and complement your body features. For example, the hemline of your skirt shouldn’t be too short, or else you’ll end up pulling it down throughout the night. The same goes for your cleavage as well. A date will give you enough reasons to be nervous about, so don’t let your outfit be on that list too.

Select shades that complement your hair, eye color and skin tone. Darker features are beautifully enhanced by light colored garments and vice-versa. For example, if you’re blonde and have blue eyes, pick clothing items in purple hues or deep blues. Choosing the right colors for your features will instantly enhance your outfit and your physique.

The color of your garments should also be selected according to your body shape. The trick is to pick clothing with lighter shades covering the areas you wish to flaunt and darker hues concealing the areas you’re less proud off. You should also pay attention to prints. Large prints create the impression of volume whereas small and dark patterns have a slimming effect.

Don’t be shy when it comes to asking for wardrobe tips. If you have a friend whom you constantly admire for her great fashion aesthetic, ask her to help you pick a flattering outfit suitable for a first date. Or, if you prefer to raid the stores all by yourself, ask a friendly salesperson for a bit of guidance. Many of them are really into assisting customers find clothes they like and look great in, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of their fashion experience.

Complete your outfit with accessories that enhance the look of your garments. Avoid all the clash that results from wearing too many statement pieces, and go for items that complement one another. Take a one last look at the mirror before heading out. If one accessory pops out as a distracting element, take it off. Always keep in mind that your date wants to see you, and not those blinding gold danglers hanging down your ears.

Determining how to dress for a Valentine’s Day date can be somewhat difficult if you’re feeling the pressure that comes with the imperative of looking absolutely perfect. The expectations associated with this particular day of the year are fairly significant, and throwing a date into the mix, be it dinner with your better half or a blind date, can subject women to a whole cascade of ‘what to wear’ questions.

The best date-night advice you can receive is showing off your own fashion persona and following your own style rules instead of trying to follow a ‘dress like this’ pattern that may result in a fashion disaster. Why risk feeling uncomfortable trying to adhere to others’ opinions of what they think you should be wearing? Go with your first instincts and pick effortless clothing pieces that won’t make you feel self-conscious, but sexy, cheerful and confident.

Whatever you may be planning to wear for your Valentine’s Day date, avoid ultra cutsey looks in the form of excess pink and red, and heart patterns. Those are a definite cliché and might pinpoint you as lacking creativity and personal style.

When it comes to dinner-dates, go for outfits that accentuate your femininity. Be seductive in a little dress or a curve-hugging skirt. Since you’re going to be sitting a lot, you may want to focus on the top of your attire by picking items with pretty details or an appealing cleavage.  Accessorize your look with a small bag or a clutch and put on those high heels!

If you’re going to a flirty candlelight dinner, wear the kind of clothes you feel the sexiest in. A fitted empire-waist dress makes for a great idea, but there are other options too. Pick garments that accentuate those parts of the body you feel most proud of.

For casual dates like a movie night or a stroll in the park, go for relaxed combos such as dark jeans or leggings paired with a pretty top. Wear heels, platforms or flats; whichever you feel most comfortable in, especially if you’re going to do some walking.  You shouldn’t spoil your Valentine’s Day date by having to abruptly end it because of aches and blisters.

As far as accessories are concerned, limit yourself to one statement jewelry or wear multiple delicate pieces. Don’t go overboard with your adornments, especially if your outfit has some embellishments of its own. Sometimes, a gemstone ring or some simple dangling earrings are all you need to complete your Valentine’s Day attire.

Your handbag should be different than your everyday bag. Steer clear from oversized and pick a nice clutch or a cute over-the-shoulder bag.

Remember to avoid the pink/red cliché. If you’re really determined to wear these hues, stick to smaller elements of color. For example, a little black dress accessorized by a pair of red heels makes for a very suitable Valentine’s combo.

A date marks the ideal moment to show your true fashion self. Stick with garments and accessories you feel confident in. This way, both you and your partner will be able to focus on having a blast!