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Help Dress Me
For a Wedding

Help Dress Me for a Wedding

You’ve got the invitation.  It’s adorable.  You’ve RSVP’d for you and your +1.  You’ve browsed the gift registry.  Now it’s time for the important stuff.  What DO you wear to that wedding?  Is black still a faux pas?  What about white?  Are flip flops okay?  Here are some do’s and don’ts of guest attire:

Do dress for the occasion.

Formal weddings:

Tradition once dictated that formal weddings were held in the late afternoon or evening.  However, wedding etiquette has changed somewhat and this is no longer always the case.

For her

Yes, you can wear that little black dress.  While black was once a forbidden wedding color, these days it’s perfectly acceptable for formal weddings.  Be careful not to overdress, however.  It’s a wedding, not a prom.  While “formal” for teenagers typically means the shinier the fabric and the more sequins the better, for grownups it means dress nicely, but not as if you’re strolling down the red carpet at The Oscars.  Events that call for that type of clothing are usually labeled “Black Tie.”   Here are some great dresses to browse from!   We have found that Nordstrom has the best easiest picks, why?  Free shipping, free returns, cutting edge fashion.


For him

If the setting is formal, it’s time to push aside all of the business casual attire he’s got used to wearing, pull the suit out of the closet, and dust it off.  Don’t forget to remind him how seldom he gets to wear a tie these days, and how handsome he looks in one, as he complains while you tie it for him.

Casual Weddings

Casual weddings are a bit more relaxed and fun.  While this doesn’t mean that he can throw on his Levis and you can pull on a jersey dress and call it a day, casual is more flexible.  Again, while tradition has dictated in the past that casual weddings are held in the morning or early afternoon, this does not always hold true anymore.  Be sure to read the invitation carefully for instructions or cues about how to dress.

For Her

Women can wear a skirt and shirt/sweater or a dress.  Pant suits are also acceptable.  The white debate rages on.  Some say yes, it’s the 21st century after all.  Some say never.  We say, why not? Flip flops have become mainstream footwear and a lot of people wonder if they’re acceptable wedding attire.  For casual weddings, yes, particularly casual weddings on the beach where heels can be a pain.

For Him

Typically, for a casual wedding, men can wear khakis or slacks with a button up shirt, tie optional.

Themed Weddings

For Both Him and Her

Yes, you might feel stupid driving down the road in medieval attire, but consider that the theme is important enough to bride and groom that they decided to make it the backdrop of their special day.  Exception:  If the invitation says themed dress is optional, then it’s your call.

Now a few don’ts for us all…

Don’t show too much skin.  Whether the wedding is formal or casual, red light district attire is NEVER appropriate. Cover up a little.

Don’t be too flashy or try to outdress the bride and groom.  As much as we all like to look good, remember that you’re not the intended center of attention.

Don’t dress for the wrong occasion.  These are pretty much no brainers if you read the rest of this article.  Avoid black for a casual wedding, unless it’s in the winter.  Don’t wear flip flops to a formal wedding. Don’t wear white sundresses in the winter or ever to a formal wedding.  Don’t wear jeans…EVER!

If you’d like the assistance of a stylist in deciding your wedding attire, we’ll help dress you!