The beginning of a relationship is oftentimes marked with a first date.  Making a series of positive first impressions is essential and those are always closely connected to the way you’ve decided to dress for your big night.

Plan your attire based on where you’ll be going. Wear something classy and feminine for a romantic dinner. Your outfit choices may include your favorite skirt and a simple top, a form-fitting dress or a pretty blouse matched with dressy pants or leggings. If a movie is in your agenda for a first date, dress comfortably and make sure you pick something in a fabric that maintains its shape. A nice pair of jeans that fits you perfectly mixed with a lovely top is an adequate option, especially if you love effortless clothing combinations.

When asking yourself what to wear on your first date, think about what flatters you the most. Knowing you’re dressed in a way that accentuates your best assets will help you gain the confidence you need to capture his interest from the very first moments of your date.

Make sure your garments are the right shape and size for your silhouette. Proper fit is crucial, not only to feel comfortable in your clothes, but also to look good on you and complement your body features. For example, the hemline of your skirt shouldn’t be too short, or else you’ll end up pulling it down throughout the night. The same goes for your cleavage as well. A date will give you enough reasons to be nervous about, so don’t let your outfit be on that list too.

Select shades that complement your hair, eye color and skin tone. Darker features are beautifully enhanced by light colored garments and vice-versa. For example, if you’re blonde and have blue eyes, pick clothing items in purple hues or deep blues. Choosing the right colors for your features will instantly enhance your outfit and your physique.

The color of your garments should also be selected according to your body shape. The trick is to pick clothing with lighter shades covering the areas you wish to flaunt and darker hues concealing the areas you’re less proud off. You should also pay attention to prints. Large prints create the impression of volume whereas small and dark patterns have a slimming effect.

Don’t be shy when it comes to asking for wardrobe tips. If you have a friend whom you constantly admire for her great fashion aesthetic, ask her to help you pick a flattering outfit suitable for a first date. Or, if you prefer to raid the stores all by yourself, ask a friendly salesperson for a bit of guidance. Many of them are really into assisting customers find clothes they like and look great in, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of their fashion experience.

Complete your outfit with accessories that enhance the look of your garments. Avoid all the clash that results from wearing too many statement pieces, and go for items that complement one another. Take a one last look at the mirror before heading out. If one accessory pops out as a distracting element, take it off. Always keep in mind that your date wants to see you, and not those blinding gold danglers hanging down your ears.