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Help Dress Me
For New Year’s Eve

Some of the most important parties of the year are taking place on New Year’s Eve, and knowing how to dress accordingly will help you make the difference between a fashion marvel and a clothing mishap.

To make a wow-worthy entrance, find out the dress code associated with the party you’ll be attending. A masquerade ball, a prom night or a simple all-black outfit theme can be major deal breakers if you decide to show up in a completely different attire.

Some dress codes may not be voiced out (like in the case of family gatherings or casual parties with friends), yet you should still take into consideration the nature of the event and what the other guests are gonna be wearing, or you might end up looking over or underdressed.

New Year’s Eve is a time of joy and sparkle, so pick garments that are comfortable yet still interesting enough to make you look and feel special. Surely, you don’t want to end up struggling with a stubborn zipper all night, yet a monotonous sweater dress in a moody color is not a good option either; there are numerous things you can wear that look festive, fabulous and comfy enough to dance the night away without the slightest concern, so focus on steering clear from anything that might cause some wardrobe tension, be it an ultra-high heel or an annoying top whose straps don’t want to stay in place.

If you really wish to go glam on New Year’s Eve, pick garments embellished with rhinestones, sequins or metallic lamé. Luxurious fabrics like shiny velvet or satin, or metallic brocade can help you keep up with the glam of the event without looking too sparkly, but rather elegant and classy.

If you’re opting for simple garments in simple fabrics, make sure your accessories are adorned with plenty of details that would draw instant attention. Take your pick from items like bejeweled clutches, glittery high heel pumps, glitzy statement jewelry, eye-catching hair accessories and so on.

If your outfit abounds in memorable details, choose simple, delicate jewelry to keep everything clean. Having some interesting elements adorning your outfit is one thing; too much, and everyone will want to look away.

Great outfit ideas are the ones you feel most confident about. If you love body-con dresses, pick one in a loud color, in a shimmering material, with sparkling appliqués or with cut-outs. The same applies if you’re a jean kinda’ gal. If you can’t imagine yourself wearing anything different than jeans, pick a dark-hued pair that fits you perfectly and sex-it-up by completing your outfit with a shimmery silk blouse, a sequined halter neck top or an intricate lacy corset.

If you’re planning to stay up all night and move around a lot, save your sky-high pumps for some other time, and pick wedges or dressy ballet flats instead. You can also start your New Year’s Eve party wearing sexy heels and change into something more comfortable once you’ve started feeling the fatigue.